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Chicago School of Golf’s Core Values


We're a family-owned and operated company, focused on our family of exceptional employees and students. This “people first” approach has always led to our success .With this foundational and limitless opportunities, everyone has every chance to flourish. This is why we have students come back for over a decade time and time again.

It all starts with Integrity.

Integrity beyond all else. Do the right thing when no one is looking. In golf and life we must do this. It's easy to re-do a miss hit or ignore a penalty, but golf is a game of respect and integrity. We use golf as a way to teach about life.

Collaboration through enjoyment

When you are part of the CSOG family, we work together as a team to make everyone's experience the best. Our learning environment is competitive, challenging, and rewarding. We are always developing and fine-tuning training protocols that push us to the next level. “Today's innovation, tomorrow’s success…”

Exhibits positive energy

As a company we use positivity to motivate people to be the best versions of themselves. We are always working to create a positive fun environment with no limitations on what can be done. All of us have “can do and will do” attitudes. It’s easy to find the negative in things; what others would call negatives we call opportunities. We encourage our students to do the same.

Inspiring people to dream

Dreaming is important, nothing great comes from thinking small. We inspire all staff and students to set large goals for themselves. Being there for someone as they achieve goals and accomplish tasks they originally believed they could not do is what motivates us to dig deeper. Dreaming also establishes the creativity that is needed to see and direct your ball around the course.

Chicago school of golf’s story

Chicago School of Golf was founded in 2014 by David Maslen, a lifelong golf enthusiast with a passion for the game. David had always been fascinated by the sport. He noticed that many golfers were not receiving the right guidance and were struggling to improve. That's when he decided to create Chicago School of Golf.

David's vision was to provide high-level customer service and a developmental plan for all golfers regardless of age. He wanted to create a place where golfers of all skill levels could come and receive tailored instruction that would help them reach their full potential. He started the school with just him as the only coach. Soon after he had a small team of instructors who shared his passion for teaching and helping others. The school began to grow quickly, as more and more golfers in the Chicagoland area heard about the high-quality instruction and individualized plans offered at Chicago School of Golf. David and his team started to provide instruction at various golf courses throughout the Chicagoland area, making it easy for golfers to access the school's services no matter where they were located.

David's dedication and hard work paid off, and soon Chicago School of Golf became one of the most respected and well-known golf instruction facilities in the Chicagoland area. Today, the school has three indoor facilities and six golf courses that they teach out of. Chicago School of Golf continues to provide instruction to golfers of all ages and skill levels, and is proud to have helped countless golfers improve their game and reach their full potential.


  • Craig Rosenberg

    I met David about 4 years ago when he was at Green To Tee up at Glencoe Golf Club. I hired him to work with my son who wanted to try and be on the high school golf team. My son did make the team and then I decided to start taking lessons from David. In the last 2 years David has taken my handicap from 23 to 14.

  • Kathy Mignin

    My 14-year old son has worked with David for several years. David has helped him develop a very solid golf game; learning all the fundamentals as well as developing the confidence to compete. In addition, David has provided a great example of how to conduct oneself both on the course and in life.

  • Cathy McCulloch

    In eighth grade my daughter decided to give up her other sports and start a completely new sport- that being golf. She started with David Maslen who taught her the basics from the ground up. She had never held a golf club before and David patiently and methodically taught her everything she needed to know about the game of golf.

  • Barry McGregor

    I started to practice golf 5 years ago. Everything seemed difficult till I found David. Since then, my skills improved by a huge margin. I cannot recommend David enough; I send my two boys to the golf camps and it's so rewarding to see the progress.

  • Marving Drake

    Playing golf is one of the things I like the most but I never thought I can progress in this sport. David was the only instructor who proved be otherwise; golf is for everyone and we should all trust ourselves.

  • Claudia Earman

    It's difficult to chose a sport from so many options when you have children. Luckily David's gold camps turned out to be the best solution for my family: I send them every year to the camps and my kids enjoy golf more than any other sport.

  • Crofton Kendall

    By age 15, Sophomore year, my daughter played on the varsity high school golf team. David would come to tournaments and support her during the golf season. He would review her play and focus lessons on her areas of greatest need. He is an encouraging, positive, and an incredibly knowledgeable coach. David sets his standards high and expects his students to put in the time to improve.

  • Alton Raymond

    David is always kind, professional and encouraging.
    My wife and I also appreciate the outstanding communication David has with us and his insights into ways our son can continue to develop and improve.
    It has been a pleasure both to watch my son's golf game become very good and to see all the success David is having!

  • Lex Charley

    I asked David if he would work with me and my friends and start a group clinic a few days a week during the winter. That was extremely successful and every clinic sold out each week. David is a great teacher.