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How do I make great contact with my irons every time?

Swing Tip From Director of Golf, David Maslen

David Maslen - Mon, 26 Feb 2024

Anyone who has gone to the driving range or played golf multiple times has made great contact at least once. The question I always get asked is  How do I consistently make great contact?”
It is simpler than everyone thinks. There are only two things you need to control to make great contact.

#1 You must hit the ball in the center of the club's face.
#2 You must learn how to control your low point.

Where is the center of the club face?
Center of the club

What is the low point? The golf swing is referenced as a circle. Every circle has a top and a bottom. The
bottom of the circle we call “low point.” 

Low point

For the irons, your low point should be after hitting the golf ball. In order to do this your club head needs to be swinging down into the ball. If you do not, you will hit the ball “thin” or “fat.”

What is thin? When you hit the equator of the golf ball. Thin contact results in the ball not flying high into the air.

What is fat?
When you hit the grass before the ball. Fat contact results in the ball flying a shorter distance than intended.

The number 1 influence on low point is your weight distribution. For example, let’s say you are hitting the ball too early or “fat.” It’s an easy fix. Simply place more of your weight on your “lead leg” at setup. For right-handed golfers this is your left leg and the opposite for left-handed golfers.

The rule of thumb is that you should have at least 60% of your weight on your lead leg at setup before swinging the club back. This will help move your low point after the ball. Personally, I will tell you to place whatever amount is necessary to move the low point after the ball.

Do this drill to practice your low-point control.

Take any iron and draw a line in the sand. Place the line in the middle of your body and swing a golf club. I want
you to hit in front of the line, behind the line, and on the line. If you can do all three, you have control of your low

Low-point control

Do this drill to practice your center of contact.

All you need is two tees. Place one outside the toe and one inside the heel of the golf club. Practice
swinging through the tees without hitting them.

Center of contact


  • Craig Rosenberg

    I met David about 4 years ago when he was at Green To Tee up at Glencoe Golf Club. I hired him to work with my son who wanted to try and be on the high school golf team. My son did make the team and then I decided to start taking lessons from David. In the last 2 years David has taken my handicap from 23 to 14.

  • Kathy Mignin

    My 14-year old son has worked with David for several years. David has helped him develop a very solid golf game; learning all the fundamentals as well as developing the confidence to compete. In addition, David has provided a great example of how to conduct oneself both on the course and in life.

  • Cathy McCulloch

    In eighth grade my daughter decided to give up her other sports and start a completely new sport- that being golf. She started with David Maslen who taught her the basics from the ground up. She had never held a golf club before and David patiently and methodically taught her everything she needed to know about the game of golf.

  • Barry McGregor

    I started to practice golf 5 years ago. Everything seemed difficult till I found David. Since then, my skills improved by a huge margin. I cannot recommend David enough; I send my two boys to the golf camps and it's so rewarding to see the progress.

  • Marving Drake

    Playing golf is one of the things I like the most but I never thought I can progress in this sport. David was the only instructor who proved be otherwise; golf is for everyone and we should all trust ourselves.

  • Claudia Earman

    It's difficult to chose a sport from so many options when you have children. Luckily David's gold camps turned out to be the best solution for my family: I send them every year to the camps and my kids enjoy golf more than any other sport.

  • Crofton Kendall

    By age 15, Sophomore year, my daughter played on the varsity high school golf team. David would come to tournaments and support her during the golf season. He would review her play and focus lessons on her areas of greatest need. He is an encouraging, positive, and an incredibly knowledgeable coach. David sets his standards high and expects his students to put in the time to improve.

  • Alton Raymond

    David is always kind, professional and encouraging.
    My wife and I also appreciate the outstanding communication David has with us and his insights into ways our son can continue to develop and improve.
    It has been a pleasure both to watch my son's golf game become very good and to see all the success David is having!

  • Lex Charley

    I asked David if he would work with me and my friends and start a group clinic a few days a week during the winter. That was extremely successful and every clinic sold out each week. David is a great teacher.