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Overview of our junior programs (billed monthly open enrollment)

Over the years we learned Kids like being given a goal and accomplish a goal one at a time. They like to get rewarded and/or recognized for accomplishing that goal. Once the recognition happens they want to be challenged again so we move onto another goal. Your child will develop a set of goals putting them all together and being measured on whether or not they can do them in unison or not is a way to advance out of an existing program.

We have restrucutrued our programs to what works best for children and that is going step by step, goal by goal until they develop a set of goals. Sooner then later your child will have all these skills and be able to play golf to whatever level they would like.

The best in the state train with us. Our programs have had the following success:

  • 2023 Tyler Wengronowitz and Kate Suk sign College Scholarships.
  • 2022 - Emilia Rose and Stephanie Su sign College Scholarships.
  • 2022 - Owen Spokas as a freshman ties school record.
  • 2022 - Charlie Coleman wins AJGA.
  • 2020 Jake Schabes sings College Scholarship.
  • 2020 Stephanie Su is #1 in the state for her graduating class of 2021
  • 2019 - 3 players make the CDGA Magazine for the most improved handicaps in the State. Congratulations Charlie Coleman, Hugo Hourihane and Faith Wang
  • 2018 - Luke Tedford played in Callaway Junior Worlds at Torrey Pines.
  • 2016 - Christian Kim and Stephanie Su went to Augusta for the Drive, Chip and Putt. Christian Kim wins at Augusta National Golf Club.
  • 2015 - Louise McCulloch gets recruited to play on the Northwestern University Girls Golf Team a top 5 in the country.
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