Thank you for taking the time to read about our policies and procedures.

We are determined to make your experience at CSOG not just a great one but a safe one. We have implemented these policies to ensure safety of all students, staff and golfers. This year we will have a zero tolerance policy due to the seriousness of this virus. If a rule is not followed you will be asked to leave and no refund will be received for any services.


Any student feeling sick or showing symptoms of Covid-19 may not have access to training at CSOG. If the student is from a household where a family member has contracted Covid-19, or the student has had contact with a friend or anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or traveled to a high risk area all within the last 14 days, they should not attend their lesson or come to any CSOG facilities. All students must wear a face mask upon arrival and immediately have their temperature taken before entering a lesson, camp or training facility. Any student who has a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to take their lesson. No refund will be given for showing up and being asked to leave. If you have a temperature please let us know before coming and we can schedule a makeup.

All students have a 10 minute window to show up for their lesson. This window is 5 minutes before the start of the lesson to 5 minutes after the lesson start time. Example: You have a 1:00pm lesson your window to arrive is 12:55 to 1:05pm. If you arrive outside of this window you will not be able to participate in the lesson that day. No refunds or makeups will be allowed for not arriving within the appropriate window of time.


A maximum of 4-students at one time.

60 minute lesson scheduled every 75 mins so no interaction with others and we can air out the facility.

CSOG staff is wiping down all door handles before and after each lesson.

CSOG staff will be wearing a mask or face covering for the entire lesson.

Students must wear a face covering the entire time indoors.

Students before entering the facility must apply the hand sanitizer that can be found in the mud room or wash hands.

Students must bring and use their own golf balls.

Students are not to touch any computer, iPad, remote or instructor.


A maximum of 4-students at one time.

CSOG staff is wiping down all training aids used before and after each lesson.

You do not have to wear a mask when taking outdoor lessons.

Masks are required when social distancing is not possible and when using the bathroom or walking into the golf shop.

We will meet on the putting green at the start of every lesson.

You must bring your own golf balls, tees, ball markers, towels, water, clubs, and there will be no passing of scorecards.

If you need to rent clubs please notify us one week in advance so we can disinfect. You will take the clubs home with you everyday and return them when your camp or lesson series is complete. We will charge full price charge for every club missing.

At stations we will outline where students should stand either by having a roped off area or hula hoops on the ground. If you can not stand in the designated area we will have to ask you to leave. This year for the safety of everyone we must have a zero tolerance rule.


Students must wear face masks when using the restroom facilities. There is no waiting in the hallway for a restroom to open up. Social distancing once again is to be adhered to.

There will be disinfectant wipes in each restroom. Members are encouraged to use them on touch surfaces prior to and after their use of the facilities. CSOG staff will also wipe them down after each use and the golf courses cleaning crew will be checking them frequently throughout the day.

A Hand sanitizer station will be situated just outside the restrooms and with the instructors on the golf course. You are encouraged to bring your own.

CSOG increased focus on cleaning, no handshakes and maintaining social distancing.

Congregating is discouraged and we recommend that students either leave the facility after their lesson.

No sharing of clubs, golf balls, tees, water bottles, towels, ball markers, and scorecards. If you need supplies please bring them for yourself.

We know some of these can seem severe to some people but our goal is to make everyone comfortable while at CSOG. We all have friends, family or significant others to return to and it is CSOG goal to do that safely. Thank you in advance for keeping all of us at CSOG, your playing partners and everyone else that you come into contact with safe by following these protocols.