Chicago school of golf junior program overview

From the beginning, Chicago School of Golf “CSOG” had a desire to have PGA & LPGA Professionals share in their vision by introducing kids as early as possible to golf in a streamlined, uniform and most importantly, FUN format. “Kids are starting golf far too late in life because parent and instructors say it takes a lot of focus. Golf programs should be fun, engaging and exciting to the kids so much that they want to come back. At CSOG we are so confident your child will like the lesson we offer free evaluations. If you child thinks golf is boring it is because the class they are in is boring.” explains David Maslen, owner of CSOG.

Golf is much more than a game. It offers lessons on values and self discovery, accomplishment and individuality. We need to get kids into the game sooner, much, much sooner.

See our Junior Golf Development ladder below

(Age 4-6) Golf's Foundational Skills Stage 1

(Age 7-9) Golf's Foundational Skills Stage 2

(Age 10-12) Golf's Foundational Skills Stage 3

(Age 12-14) Golf's Foundational Skills Stage 4

New Competitive Golfer Stage 1 (US Kids Golf / PGA Junior League)

New Competitive Golfer Stage 2 (YDP - 9 - Hole / Travel League)

New Competitive Golfer Stage 3 (IJGA 9 Hole/ IJGA 18 Hole)

Competitive Development Stage 1 (IJGA 18 Holes/36 Hole Events)

Competitive Development Stage 2 (MAJGT/Hurricane Tour)

Competitive Development Stage 3 (AJGA/Qualifiers)

College Scholarship or LPGA/PGA Tour